Meet Rudy

Rudy D. Anthony was raised in Prince George’s County, MD. After graduating from Charles Herbert Flowers High School in 2006, he attended Prince George’s Community College. After some soul searching, he joined the United States Marine Corps, serving honorably at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point as an Information Systems Technician.

After completing his tour of duty, Rudy returned to Bowie, MD to begin a new chapter in his life. Once home Rudy attended the University of the District of Columbia, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, and advancing his career as a Cyber Security Engineer by working for multiple federal agencies. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Homeland Security. Rudy very much sees himself as a man of the people. He volunteers periodically at Martha’s Table. He donates to good will and homeless shelters as well as maintaining great relationships with residence of the neighborhood. Rudy is a hard believer in civic education and engagement. He once ran an Instagram blog called “PoppinAssPolitics.” There he created a lane where Government, Politics and the local community could diverge in free-forum political punditry. All while sharing his knowledge and experience to an ignored demographic and encouraging them to take part in civic discourse.

Rudy is a single parent, raising a daughter who attends elementary school in Bowie. As a parent, he’s very involved with the educators and staff, advocating for the education of all students by volunteering in school when possible. Rudy enjoys socializing at local restaurants, and establishments because he loves to be among the people. Rudy believes in family values and traditions; he regularly keeps his family together by hosting family gatherings.

Rudy D. Anthony wants to challenge the status quo politics and deliver what the community wants and needs. He firmly believes Prince George’s County can maintain it’s status as a “Mecca of Excellence” for the country by empowering and uplifting marginalized communities. This includes fighting poverty, homelessness while still uplifting the middle class to create a better society.


Community Resolutions


Prince George's County is home to over 55,000 Veterans, the largest veteran population in Maryland. I want to see increased resources to take care of our veterans. Resources such as grant funding for Vet owned businesses, increased resources at the local Department of Veteran Affairs, and a continued effort to prevent homelessness.

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Rudy believes in public education  properly funded, and provide full day Pre-K, a modern curriculum including financial literacy, and mental health clinicians in school. He also believes we should value our educators by increasing their pay and providing resources necessary for 21st century learning.

A 21st Century Workforce

The economy is evolving, and we should evolve with it. New skills are needed to fill the jobs of the 21st century and right here in Prince George's we have the capability to create a workforce to match the demand. We should also expand access to capital for black owned businesses who have could thrive if given a fair chance in our county.

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Fight Property Tax Increases

The Property Taxes in Prince George's County are high enough. Our county, like the rest of the world is trying to recover economically due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I will not vote to increase property taxes. I will advocate that Maryland sends it's fair share of state funding to our county

 Scales of Justice

Government Improvement

Our government is operating in an out-of-date fashion and needs to be upgraded. Ransomware attacks are on the rise and our county needs to harden its cyber infrastructure to prevent our data from being sold and exploited.




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